General Division

Charles Sweitzer

Take a sight seeing tour
or VFR flight in single engines.
No limitations or aircraft
and even file IFR.

Airline Division

Charles Sweitzer

Fly with the big boys and take
that heavy metal long distance.
Also, charter your own route.

Flight Academy


Need to brush up on some skills?
Our pilot academy can help you do
that; learn to shoot an ILS
or VOR approach.


Fully Automated

Newly designed ACARS system that
works with Flight Simulator 2020.
Book, load, and file all
through the ACARS.

Welcome Aboard

We at Virtual Sky Aviation want to welcome you.
Please feel free to have a look around; no entrance exam required.
Don't Delay Join Today!!!


Any Aircraft, Anytime, & Anywhere

We allow our pilots to fly any aircraft, any where,
and anytime. We give the pilot the flexability to fly
when they want to include general aviation.


What we do

Supperior Performance

Provide a sim airline to the flight simulation
community. We take great pride in everything we
do and everything we bring to our pilots.
We want the best for everyone and strive
to keep the bar set high.
What are you waiting for, Join Today.


Who we are

Real World & Enthusiasts

VSA is made up of real world and enthusiasts
pilots. Every pilot is treated equal no matter your experience level.
We know you will be comfortable and
happy flying with VSA;
so hit the join button.


Career opportunities

Not only fly any aircraft, anywhere, or anytime but progress up the rank ladder.
Put your leadership to the test as a member of management.

Join Today

Pilot Crew Center

We provide our pilots with an interative crew center to book
flights and handle pilot related duties.

Pilot Crew Center

Our team

Russell Pickron

Cheif Executive Officer (CEO)

I enjoy every aspect of the aviation community. I enjoy flight simming as well as flying real world.

Charles Sweitzer

Operations Manager

I have been flying simulators since Microsoft Flight Sim version 5.1 back in 1995. I started flying with Virtual Airlines in 2017.

Since then, I’ve flown for eight different airlines. I found the best with Virtual Sky Aviation (VSA). I have been with DVA/VSA since 07-07-2018. I Joined VSA on 02-26-2020.

I’ve enjoyed being a hub manager for most of the airlines I’ve flown with. I fly using MS Flight Simulator X and MS Flight Simulator 2020. Besides VA flying, I love playing Music.

Steve Stoler

Cheif Operating Officer (COO)

I started my VA experience with a program called Airline Transport Pilot. After moving away from flight sim for a few years due to business travel, I then moved on to FSX, followed by X-plane 10. P3Dv4 and X-plane 11 followed. I have now moved on to Microsoft Fight Simulator. Flying for VSA adds so much realism, especially the ability to fly any aircraft to any destination

Shadow Pickron

Administrative Assistant

I help out where ever I am
needed. I also assist the leadership
with tough decisions &
I get the mail.
Woof Woof Woof!!!