The Launch of VSA

Go Beyond Basic Virtual Airlines.

  • January 14, 2020

How VSA got started and the progress that has been made.

There are many Virtual Airlines (VA's) online today. I have flown for a few of them in the past. Some were great and others were not so good. I though to myself why not start a VA that tailors to pilot's and not management. Although management is something that is needed to keep the well oiled machine operating. I am referring to a VA where pilots can be in control of their sim and sim experience. Lets get away with all those pesky exams and checkrides; lets just go have fun. However, to you structured pilots that want that we have an academy to sharpen the skill set you already have.

I began to think why not launch an amazing VA to provide just that. So, here we are over 2 years later with a bigger pilot base and still continuing to grow. I didn't just think about what I wanted to see a VA provide, I took many suggestions in what the pilot wanted to see and/or impliment. There has been a couple of different platforms VSA has used in the past. What we have settled on has seem to be the best option for us at this time.

A new hired pilot with 0 hours may fly a long haul flight with a B748 or B777. Most VA's will not allow this. However, VSA will allow you to do just that. A VA should be a fun place to relax, fly, and make new friends. Groups can schedule and fly group flights online with endless possibilities. Adding another layer of excitment to the sim you control.

Lastly, thank all the VSA pilots past, present, and future. Thank all the VSA staff that has made this VA the best one I have ever been apart of.

VSA36 | CEO Russell P.

Remember, To most people the sky is the limit. To those who love flying, the sky is home.

I enjoy every aspect of the aviation community. I enjoy flight simming as well as flying real world.